Night Vision Binoculars NVT-B01-4X42
Gen 1 Night Vision
Product Introduction


     The NVT-B01-4X42 high resolution night vision binoculars is designed in cooperation with our U.S. partner. Equipped with high quality low light level imaging tube, it has extraordinary field of view and image clarification.

     Main advantages:

     1. High quality.

     2. Strong light protection, preventing the product from burning out.

     3. Generation 2+ eyepiece (with 4 pieces of lens) is made of military standard metal, and large exit pupil diameter.

     4. Ergonomic elastomeric paint sprayed body, with PVC skin.

     5. Metal frame infrared light with larger illumination distance. It won't darken or burn out after a long time use and is much more expensive than LED light night vision.

     6. Innovative rotatable & foldable light leak-proof eye patch.

     7. Compact body for easy-carrying. Suitable for camping, surveillance, night observation, search & rescue, leisure hunting, and patrol.