Opteck Manufacturing Group Ltd. is a major manufacturer of optical products. Spanning over 20 years in the optical industry, we excel in supplying high quality optical products and components with competitive prices to brands worldwide.

Among the many products supplied by Opteck, we engage primarily in the making of:

 Laser rangefinders
 Night visions
 Monoculars and binoculars
 Optical lenses and prisms
 Aluminum, copper, and steel precision metal components

Opteck also has extensive experience designing and manufacturing:

 Injection moldings and plastic precision components in PVC, rubber, ABS, GF, and PPS.
 Software and hardware electronic assemblies

 All Products are customizable with OEM brands.

Opteck Manufacturing Group Ltd. is also stationed in Vancouver, Canada under the name North Stars Optics Ltd. North Stars Optics is incorporated in 2014 under the jurisdiction of the government of British Columbia of Canada. 

North Stars Optics handles all of Opteck Manufacturing Group’s marketing services and distribution in North America. North Stars Optics also registered a Canadian trademark for domestic and international sales under the brand name Sixth Sight. North Stars Optics Ltd. is not only focused in the hunting and outdoor market, but also in photography equipment, specifically high-end camera lenses.