NVD-B02-6-30X50Plus Digital Night Vision
Digital Night Vision
Product Introduction

 NVD-B02-6-30X50Plus Digital Night Vision

NVD-B02--6-30X50Plus high resolution digital night vision binocular can be used both during the day and night, with fucntion of photo taking and video taking. Through he inner WIFI emitter, this digital night vision could connect cell phone, users could operate this digital night vision through cell phone. During day time, the image of screen is colored, during night time, the image of screen could be green or blackwihte. It is suitable for both long and short distance observation.

    Main advantages:

   1. Clear high resolution VGA 0.26" class A display, which imported from the USA.

   2. 0.005 LUX low-light, 1.3 million high resolution sensor, 1080P recording, and 32GB memory card.

   3. Magnification range is 6~30X for clearer viewing.

   4. Metal objective (4 pieces of lens) and generation 2+ eyepiece; infrared light is imported from the USA.

   5. DC voltage input and AV video output, attached to a tripod mount, it is suitable for extensive observation.

   6. Ergonomic elastomeric paint sprayed body, with PVC skin.

   7. Compact body for easy-carrying. Suitable for camping, surveillance, night observation, search & rescue, leisure hunting, and patrol.