Click Adjustable Mount Zeroing Block ZB
Product Introduction

Key Product Features

 Universal adjustable mount for low to medium recoil rifles

 Easily adjust for windage and elevation

 Easy to mount without any special tools

 Mount a variety of accessories including laser sights and illuminators, laser range finding modules,            telescopic and red dot sights

Technical Specifications

 Max Weight to Mount (Recoilless)

 700 gr

 Max Weight to Mount (Recoil up to 300G)

 100 gr

 Click Value Elevation

 1/4 MOA

 Click Value Windage

 1/4 MOA

 Max Adjustment Elevation

 90 MOA

 Max Adjustment Windage

 60 MOA


 200 gr


 145 x 65 x 27 mm

 Top Weaver Rail Length

 90 mm

 Locking Jaws Span

 54 mm

Click Adjustable Mount Zeroing Block Product Brochure.pdf