Laser Range Finder OP-LRF0302
Laser Rangefinder
Product Introduction


   OP-LRF0302 Laser Range Finder has various measurement ranges: 800m/1000m/1200m/1500m/1800m. It is suitable for long distance viewing for both military & civilian. It has a measurement range of 20m~1800m and speed range of 0~300km/h. It is well equipped to measure the speed of automobiles, animals, ships and other moving objects. The price will largely be determined by the measurement range and the quantity ordered.

   Main advantages:  

   1. High resolution image, 8X magnification, and large field of view.

   2. Ergonomic design; bigger button for easier navigation and PVC skin for comfortable handling.

   3. Precise 1/4'' X 20 tripod interface.

   4. 6F22 (9V) battery for longer usage.

     1. Twist up eyepiece.

     2. Individual eyepiece hand wheel to adjust clarity.

     3. PVC skin for comfortable handling.

     4. Shoulder belt buckle, to connect to the shoulder belt.

     5. Precise 1/4’’ X 20 tripod interface to connect to the tripod.

     1. Hold to switch ON & OFF, press once to measure distance.

     2. MODE button, to switch between meter(m) and yard(yd).

     3. Laser launch objective with a maximum distance of 2000m.

     4. Laser receive objective.

     5. Observation objective.

     1. Battery container for 6F22 (9V) battery; suitable for long time usage.

     2. battery container lid.

Display signs in Distance Measure & Speed Measure.


      1. Range finder should be placed in the corresponding bag with temperature between -20 ℃ and +40 ℃; relative humidity below 80%.

      2. Choose high quality lithium or alkaline batteries, low quality battery may influence the operation or damage the range finder.

      3. Avoid water and shock, hit.

      4. Don’t clean the lens too many times. Please use the lens cloth or lens paper if you need to clean the lens. Don’t scratch the lens.

      5. When not in use for a long period(more than 2 weeks), take the battery out from the product, to avoid corrosion.      

      6. Please put the product in a dry and ventilated location to protect the lens from moisture and mildew.

                                                                                    Warranty Responsibility

      This night vision is a precise optical product; please operate it according to the manual. We only take the warranty responsibility for customers’ correct operation.