8X42 Binoculars with Laser Range Finder
Laser Rangefinder Binocular
Product Introduction


      The LRF-BINO-8X42 high resolution waterproof binocular with laser range finder has the observation distance of 3m ~ ∞. The laser range finder could detect 1800m, this high end product uses military standard.

      Main advantage:

      1. Ergonomic elastomeric paint sprayed body with rubber cover.

      2. Filled with nitrogen, IPX4 waterproof, it could be used in extremely harsh environments.

      3. All broadband multilayer green film (FMC green film), excellent transmittance brings bright and clear image.

      4. Professional BAK4 roof prism reduces the light damage, compared with BK7, it increases more than 15% transmittance rate.

      5. Two big button for easy use.

      6. Rotatable eye patch is convenient to people who wears glasses.  

      7. Compact body for easy-carrying. Suitable for camping, surveillance, observation, search & rescue, leisure hunting, and patrol.