Digital Night Vision DMSD01-6-24X50PRO
Digital Night Vision
Product Introduction


      DMSD01-6-24X-50PRO high resolution digital night vision monocular can be used both during the day and night. During day time, the screen is displayed in color. During night time, the screen is displayed in green. It is suitable for both long and short distance observation.

      Main advantages:

      1. High quality.

      2. Clear high resolution VFA 0.26" class A display, imported from the U.S.

      3. 0.003LUX low-light, 1.3 million high resolution sensor, 720P recording, and 32GB memory card.

      4. Magnification range is 6~24X for clearer viewing.

      5. Metal objective (4 pieces of lens) and generation 2+ eyepiece; infrared light imported from America.

      6. DC voltage input and AV video output, attached to a tripod mount, is suitable for extensive observation.

      7. Ergonomic elastomeric paint sprayed body, with PVC skin.

      8. Compact body for easy-carrying. Suitable for camping, surveillance, night observation, search & rescue, leisure hunting, and patrol.


      1. Night vision should be placed in the corresponding bag with temperature between -20 ℃ and +40 ℃; relative humidity below 80%.

      2. Use high quality lithium battery or alkaline battery. Bad battery will influence the operation and damage product.

      3. Avoid water, rain and fog; avoid fall, shock and hit.

      4. Don’t clean the lens too many times. Please use the lens cloth or lens paper if you need to clean the lens. Don’t scratch the lens.  

      5. If you won’t use product in next two weeks or longer period, please take out the battery to avoid the potential damage.

      6. Please put the product in a dry and ventilated location to protect the lens from moisture and mildew.

Warranty Responsibility

     This night vision is a precise optical product, please operate it according to the manual. We only take the warranty responsibility for customers’ correct operation.